Peace Not Panic – Gratitude Practice during Covid-19


Peace Not Panic – Gratitude Practice during Covid-19

Are you struggling to find peace during these stressful times? The simple practice of 3 Good Things can be a quick and rewarding way to shift your focus towards things for which you're grateful and away from things that are out of your control. 3 Good Things is a great community-building activity for families and work places too!

Coping with Covid-19 Stress: Coherent Breathing

Learn how to use the power of your breath to help you calm down when stressed. Coherent breathing helps to engage the vagus nerve, which plays a huge role in our recovery process during stressful times. Jump straight to the breathing exercise at 2:05.

How Covid-19 Stress Affects the Brain

We are all under so much stress dealing with Covid-19 right now, which can lead to us being more on edge, snappy, and simply not feeling like ourselves. Why is this? It's a basic survival response built into our brain and here I will teach you what the brain is doing and link to helpful resources to better cope with...[ read more ]

Covid-19: How to Cope with Stay at Home Orders

Stay at home orders, shelter in place, etc can feel scary and extreme but fortunately there are ways to deal with any stress you might be feeling right now! Free resources for our kids to help with learning from home!

How to Schedule your Covid-19 Worry Time

Do you feel like you are overwhelmed with ALL the Covid-19 information? Scheduling your "Worry Time" can be a great way to manage the anxiety that comes from information overload. Here's a quick video to help you set a schedule that works for you!

54321 Grounding for Stress and Anxiety

Learn how to use 54321 Grounding to cope with stress and anxiety, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak!