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As a trauma psychologist, I have specialized in the treatment of trauma and PTSD for over 10 years. Through this work, I have come into contact with the strongest people I have ever met; trauma survivors. My clients have overcome unimaginable feats, through loss of limbs after car accidents, emotional wounds from childhood abuse, physical and sexual assault, and vicarious trauma in healthcare providers. I have witnessed my clients enter therapy saying they are just a shell of who they once were, only to emerge with a newfound sense of hope and their heads held high. I provide online therapy so that the diverse needs of my clients can be met in a convenient and accessible way. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation! I am licensed to treat clients in Louisiana (LA1313) and Texas (TX38003) and am also accepting international clients.


What is PTSD?

Any experience that makes you fear for your safety, your life, or the safety of your loved ones can cause you to develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Learn more about how PTSD is developed, its symptoms, and treatment options.

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In addition to more traditional talk therapy, I am trained in various evidence based interventions designed to target and treat PTSD and trauma related symptoms.



Jennifer Hughes, Ph.D.

I have been treating PTSD and other trauma symptoms for over 10 years. Get to know me better as you embark on your first step towards recovery


“Trauma survivors are the strongest individuals I have ever met”

— Jennifer Hughes, PhD

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Online Psychotherapy

I offer evidence based treatments for PTSD using a secure online video conferencing platform (think Skype!). Learn more about the convenience and effectiveness of online therapy.

Online Counseling
“Trauma creates change you don’t choose, healing creates change you do choose”
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Blog Posts

Are you a trauma survivor? Learn about how PTSD affects the brain, body, and spirit. Are you a healthcare worker? Learn how to overcome the effects of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout.